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I corsi di lingua inglese tenuti presso l’Aero Club “Beppe Albanese” (Aeroporto di Boccadifalco) sono orientati al consolidamento delle conoscenze di Aviation English ed alla preparazione al test TEA. I corsi sono organizzati secondo le “Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes” dell’ICAO (Cir 323 AN/185)

RADIOTELEPHONY - per le date contattare la segreteria allo 091 6680785

The course is designed along the lines of JAR-FCL, 1 Subpart C, Section 2


Warm up.

Basics of communication. ICAO alphabet and numbers. Talking about imaginary situations.


Part 1 (Morphology)

The aircraft and the airport

The runways. Taxi and traffic circuits. Main parts of an airplane. The wing. The instrument panel.

Operating procedures

Ground operations. Takeoff and landing. Flight maneuvers. Navigation.


Part 2 (Radio communications)

General phraseology

Standard words and phrases. Call signs. Establishment, continuation and transfer of communications. Position reporting.


Taxing, take off and landing procedures. Departure and landing information. Go around. Essential aerodrome information.

Tower (ATZ)

Identification and vectoring. Traffic information. Avoiding actions.

Approach (CTR)

VFR/IFR departures and arrivals. Approach procedures. Radar vectors.

Metereological information

The weather service. Runway visual range. Runway surface conditions. Wake turbulence and wind shear.

Emergency (A-B)

Transponder codes. Mayday. Pan pan. Distress procedures and messages: aircraft in distress; imposition of silence. Urgency messages. Emergency descent.

Test preparation (A-B)

Fake examination



per le date contattare la segreteria allo 091 6680785

Part 1 (Introduction)

Assessing ICAO levels

Notes for candidates. ICAO descriptors. Language skills and requiremets.


Part 2 (English in aviation contexts)

Talking about oneself (A-B)

Expressing likes and dislikes. Telling about flying experiences. ATC communications.

Listening to non-native speaker (A-B)

Reading back messages. Asking for information. Giving advices.

Describing pictures

Elements of descriptions. Describing objects, people and actions. Describing accidents and metereological conditions.

Discussing aeronautical topics (A-B)

Talking about: metereology, emergencies, technology, security. Discussing and argumenting aeronautical topics.



Corso "Radiotelephony" Eur 250,00

Corso "TEA Preparation" Eur 200,00

L'iscrizione va fatta prima dell'inizio dei corsi, alla segreteria dell'Aeroclub.

Le lezioni si svolgeranno nei locali dell'Aeroclub ogni mercoledì e venerdì, dalle 17 alle 19.

Per ulteriori informazioni e per iscriversi rivolgersi alla Segreteria dell’Aero Club (Sig. Paolo Battaglia tel. 091-6680785).

* Il pagamento del corso avverrà al momento dell’iscrizione.

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