Sabato, 15 Ago 2020
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Scuola di volo - Corsi

Corso PPL/A per il conseguimento della licenza di Pilota Privato di Aeromobile

Corsi per la preparazione al conseguimento della licenza di Pilota Commerciale (CPL) in collaborazione con VOLFLIGHT

Corsi per la preparazione al conseguimento della licenza di Pilota di Linea  (ATPL) in collaborazione con VOLFLIGHT

Corso per il conseguimento del brevetto di Volo da Diporto Sportivo Avanzato (VDS Avanzato)

Corso teorico per abilitazione al Pilotaggio Sistemi Aerei a Pilotaggio Remoto (Droni)

Corso pratico per abilitazione al Pilotaggio SAPR Italdrone 4HSE

Corso per il conseguimento del brevetto di Volo da Diporto Sportivo Basico



Do you have a PPL and you want to make a career in aviation? Then you're in the right place!

Aeroclub Palermo in collaboration with Volflight are happy to give you the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a commercial Pilot.

Volflight is a Swedish flight School that will allocate their VFR training in Palermo during the Autumn season so if you are curious to meet the instructors and have a direct contact you are welcome to come and visit us, and maybe take a flight together! Volflight offers professional courses for you to become a competent professional pilot. Our reputation of high quality flight training isn't something that someone came up with. The airlines gives us good grades and they're very happy with the pilots trained by us. Our close cooperation with companies in the business and a high standard training program that the airlines appreciate gives you a great chance of getting hired after your education.100% of our students have been hired shortly after finished studies!

You can attend courses as ATPL Theory/CPL/IR/ME/MCC/JOC at Volflight.

  • The ATPL course theory is considered primarily as distance education, but it is integrated with four mandatory seminars lasting one week each. The seminars are held at the main headquarters of Volfligt at Jönköping Airport.
  • After the ATPL we offer further training for those who want to realize their dream of becoming a professional pilot or simply just want to develop their knowledge as a private pilot. The practical training for CPL/IR/ME is performed on the Cessna 172/172RG and Piper PA34 Seneca, training platforms that gives you great piloting skills.
  • Multi Crew Cooperation is the last course before you're ready to face your first airline job. MCC is mandatory to fly airplanes that have a Multi Crew system, which means most airplanes in the airline industry. You can finish it with the JOC that is a more specific course for those interested to fly Jet Airplanes.

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We are there for you!